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EMG Biofeedback for the Pelvic Floor

For quicker recovery from pelvic floor dysfunction

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Our EMG biofeedback is

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Technology can be costly, and we realize not everyone can afford expensive systems. Our EMG biofeedback is offered at a low monthly rate, affordable to both patients and clinicians.

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Gone are the days when setting up a treatment takes valuable time away from patients. Our software has a quick setup time and the hardware has only one cable to connect.

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Patients are no longer isolated in a treatment room when using EMG biofeedback. Our system is bluetooth connected to a mobile app, so patients can practice functional activities while monitoring their pelvic floor muscle activity.

What Pelvic PTs Are Saying About Function Feedback

"It's so nice to be able to use biofeedback with my concierge service. I can keep it in my car with my other equipment and use it anywhere."

"It's so easy to setup and I don't have to troubleshoot just to get a session started."

"I love it! It has been a lifesaver when I needed to have it. My referral sources love knowing that I have it."

"I love that my patients can take it home and use it with dilator training. For years, they've asked if they could use biofeedback at home, and finally I can say YES!"

Who We Are

Kristen Davidson, PT, DPT, has been a practicing pelvic physical therapist since 2014. As an advocate for pelvic therapy, Kristen connects with others in the specialty for collaboration, mentorship, and professional development. She also empowers people in the community to advocate for their wellness through education on pelvic health. Kristen founded Function Feedback to bridge gaps by developing innovative technology that serves pelvic therapists and the patients they treat.

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FUnction feedback

Such A Pain

After numerous conversations with pelvic physical, occupational, and physiotherapists, one thing was determined: we all have similar pain points when it comes to technology. Electromyography (EMG) biofeedback is a useful tool to help individuals connect with and utilize their pelvic floor muscles to heal from pelvic pain, incontinence, postpartum recovery, and many other pelvic floor issues. However, it can be costly to acquire, time-consuming to use, and difficult to carryover into a home program.

Are you a pelvic therapist who shares some of these pain points? Tell us more by completing our survey.

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We are currently seeking pelvic therapists to test our EMG biofeedback system for free.